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Akaa-Volley will travel to Kraljevo with the result 3 - 2 from Akaa Areena

Akaa-Volley won Ribnica Kraljevo by the result 3 - 2 (22-25, 25-13, 21-25, 25-14,15-10) at Akaa Areena in yesterday evening.

The match was quite like a rollercoaster from Akaa-Volley point of view. Ribnica Kraljevo started strongly (0 - 5) and the home team was in shock and began to do easy mistakes. The first set went for the visitors. The same was experienced in the third set.

The second and the fourth sets were something different. Akaa-Volley was dominating everything on the court. When counting the points together we'll get 50-27. That is telling everything needed.

Akaa-Volley was stronger in the serves in the fifth set. The last two points of the match game straight from the serve line by Mikko Räsänen.

The statistics shows:

- Akaa-Volley: Šmídl 32/+20, Räsänen 18/+10, Heiskanen 13/+5

- Ribnica Kraljevo: Bojovic 21/+6, Gajovic 10/+8, Kostikj 11/-5

The teams will meet again in Kraljevo next week on Wednesday and the winner will continue among the 16 teams in the CEV Challenge Cup.

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