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An important day in Sastamala !

There has been some silence in here because of technical problems. Hopefully those are solved for the time being.

Anyhow, the semifinals have been extremely interesting and exciting so far. VaLePa took the first match and Akaa-Volley won the two last ones. The one winning three times will continue in the finals where Hurrikaani Loimaa will be in the other side of the net.

VaLePa will host Akaa-Volley in Sastamala today the 4th April. Thus, Akaa-Volley can secure its position in the finals already in the evening. If VaLePa is stronger in its home arena called Vexve Areena, the wins will be 2 - 2 and the solution will take its place in Akaa tomorrow.

So, we'll experience a thrilling evening in Sastamala today!

Last time in Vexve Areena the joy of the team and the fans was excessive !

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