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El Akaa no da opción al Pamesa

The above headline was in the front page of the news paper Diario de Teruel on the 12th January. Most probably, it refers to the fact that the local volleyball team Pamesa has no other alternative but to win Akaa-Volley in Finland on the coming Thursday. And actually Pamesa has to be better by 3-0 or 3-1 to continue into the so called golden set. By winning two sets Akaa-Volley will continue its journey in CEV Challenge Cup.

The match in Teruel ended by figures 0-3 (18-25, 18-25, 21-25) for Akaa-Volley. There was one clear reason for the domination of the visiting team. Akaa-Volley’s serve was on totally diffrerent level compared to Pamesa’s. The both teams made 13 errors in serves but against Akaa-Volley’s five aces Pamesa made none. We all know how important it is to break the reception of the opposite team in today’s volleyball.

-          Especially in the last balls in each set, our reception was accurate enough and that gave us keys for the win, analyzed Akaa-Volley’s Head Coach Olli Kunnari after the match.

The statistics shows for Akaa-Volley: Matéj Šmídl 15/+5, Jere Heiskanen 14/+13, Mikko Räsänen 8/+3 and for Pamesa: Moles Ferrández 10/+5, Mauro Rafael Zelayeta 9/-1, Mariano Vildosola 6/-

Pamesa Teruel is the volleyball club with lot of success in its history. Thus, it is quite obvious that the team will travel to Finland with good energy and the fight will be more tight than it was in Teruel. Akaa-Volley must be well prepared for the match.

An exiting evening is waiting for us! Which team will continue in the semifinals of CEV Challenge Cup?

The middle blocker Antti Taponen was efficient not only in his attacks in Teruel but took two blocks as well.

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