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Excellent volleyball entertainment in Raisio!

Raision Loimu and Akaa-Volley know how to offer brilliant entertainment to anyone interested in sports. Once again, these two teams played an interesting, thrilling and ’warm’ if not even hot match in front of 776 spectators. The fight lasted some 2,5 hours and included five sets. Finally, Akaa-Volley won by 2 – 3 (23-25, 28-26, 22-25, 25-16, 14-16).

The atmosphere in Loimu’s home arena was rather hectic and the players enjoyed the show with full energy. Some players fetched the ball even behind the fascias around the field and celebrations after successful performances were spontaneous. This is something we want more!

Some of the statistics (Loimu/Akaa-Volley): reception% 46/48, attack% 50/47, bolcks 15/12, serve errors 21/23 and aces 5/6 => rather equal, isn’t it?

After the match in the fornt of media, the both coaches, Olli Kunnari of Akaa-Volley and Kari Raatikainen of Loimu were partly satisfied of the appearance of their teams. Both are looking for more stable performance as the season continues.

Akaa-Volley's setter amused the journalists while responded to the question concerning the opposite of his team:

  • Matěj Šmídl? Well, his a good boy. He has a lot of potential to be a volleyball player some day.

(Matěj Šmídl did 29/+14 in Raisio)

The setter Ivanov (2) has sent one more ball for 'the good boy' Matěj Šmídl (13) to be finished.

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