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Akaa-Volley almost completed for the next season

Our team for the season 2024-25 has now 11 players.


”I am satisfied. The team will be competitive and we’ll fight for medals in the next spring once again”, says Akaa-Volley’s chairman Torsti Mahlanen.


Negotiations are still ongoing to complete the team before the summer break.


The players as now:


setters:                                          Ilja Ivanov (FIN)

                                                          Ville Kuukasjärvi (FIN)


opposites:                                    Jaylen Jasper (USA)

                                                          Matias Tihumäki (FIN)


libero:                                            Joel Andersson (SWE)


outside hitters:                          Mikko Räsänen (FIN)

                                                          Niklas Seppänen (FIN)

                                                          Oskari Sarajärvi (FIN)


middle blockers:                       Petteri Tyynismaa (FIN)

                                                          Antti Taponen (FIN)

                                                          Aaro Paananen (FIN)

Mikko Räsänen (16) is continuing as the outside hitter.

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