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Hurrikaani Loimaa was better than Akaa-Volley

-          Hurrikaani was better than us – no doubt about it. We could not break their reception and that’s it, said Akaa-Volley’s coach Olli Kunnari after the fight.

Hurrikaani took the fourth match by 3 – 0 (25-19, 25-20, 25-22) and the finals with the four wins. This was the first gold medal for the team with number of silvers before. Thus, the home arena for the team was about to explode when about 1300 fans started celebrations. The team itself is probably celebrating a week – at least!

Hurrikaani’s setter Santeri Välimaa had all the time several options where to pass the ball. The both middle blockers Daenan Gyimah and Miika Haapaniemi had a big role in all the finals. The opposite Eetu Häyrinen was performing better and better from match to match. The outside hitters Greg Betty, Väinö Rahko, Nooa Marttila and Kasimir Vuorinen did excellent job in their own positions. How to beat this kind of team?

Of course, we can say that Akaa-Volley prepared Petty and Vuorinen well in this final. The both have been presenting Akaa-Volley and getting a lot of experience about playing in the semifinals and finals ; ) Vuorinen had a great role in the last ball, when Akaa-Volley won its bronze medal two years ago. (Sorry that I could not find the video, but Vuorinen himself certainly remember it.) Petty was with Akaa-Volley in the last season, when the team took the silver medal after VaLePa.

Akaa-Volley’s Chairman Torsti Mahlanen is happy of the team and its performance during the season.

-          Thanks for the team, the fans and all the supporters. We had a great season with the bronze in the Challenge Cup and silver in the Finnish Championship League. We can be proud of our work. Just now, enjoy and relax before the next challenges


Akaa-Volley will start constructing the team for the coming season immediately. Thus, please keep yourself updated by following our home page and social media!

Akaa-Volley's captain Panu Pitkänen has made great job for the team and for the entire club. On Tuesday this work was awarded by the silver medal.

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