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PROlibero contest will be resolved on Saturday - Louis might be the winner

The last round before the playoffs is rather interesting. Akaa-Volley's position as the second is secured. And we know that KyKy-Betset will be our opponent in the first round. The first match will be on the 16th March in Akaa Areena. The team winning three matches will continue in semifinals.

Thus, some facts are secured already. But, some other matters are still to be solved. And one of them is the PROlibero contest. In each match during the season, one of the liberos has gained one point in his column. And now, our Louis Pineau has 17 points just like Hurrikaani Loimaa's Troy Gooch. What makes this interesting is that Akaa-Volley will meet Hurrikaani on Saturday the 9th March and either Louis or Troy will be selected as PROlibero of the match! Akaa-Volley Fun Club will certainly encourage Louis with all possible (but leagal ; ) of course) means.

Ok, VaLePa's Eetu Pennanen has still chances to climb up to 18 points as well. Let us assume that Eetu is that kind of centleman that he is not willing to mess up the fight ; )

VaLePa will meet still Savo (7th) and Kyky (9th) and that is why Eetu might still det two points and finalize with 18.

We'll meet in Loimaa on Saturday the 9th at 17 pm!

Louis Pineau is fighting to be number one in PROlibero contest.

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