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Quarterfinals are here

Päivitetty: 19. maalisk.

The first round of the quarterfinals in the Finnish Volleyball Champions League are ongoing. The first round brought no surprises: all the four teams in the positions 1-4 after the basic rounds of the season won their opponents in the first matches.

Hurrikaani Loimaa - TUTO Volley 3 - 0

Akaa-Volley - KyKy-Betset 3-0

VaLePa - Raision Loimu 3 - 1

Savo Volley - Kokkolan Tiikerit 3 - 1

The quarterfinals will continue in the coming Monday the 18th March. The team winning three matches will continue in the semifinals.

The setter Ilja Ivanov was awarded as the best player in Akaa-Volley on Saturday evening when playing against KyKy-Betset in the first match of the quarterfinals.

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