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Akaa-Volley in is good condition when meeting Ribnica Kraljevo on Tuesday

The coach Olli Kunnari and his team has done good job when preparing Akaa-Volley for the next match in CEV Challenge Cup on Tuesday evening. Serbian team Ribnica Kraljevo will come into Akaa Areena to fight for the third round in the cup. The match will begin at 6.30 pm and the arena will be full of spectators.

Akaa-Volley is in good shape just a couple of days before this important match. This was seen on Saturday when TUTO Volley was beaten clearly 3 – 0 in the very same arena.

Kunnari was extremely happy with the performance of the outside spiker Mikko Räsänen (24/+19), the middle blocker Petteri Tyynismaa (12/+11) and the setter Lasse Jäntti.

- But I must say that the whole team was performing nicely today, said Kunnari at the front of media after the match.

And what is the most important fact of Akaa-Volley in this season. The coach has very competetive players for each and every position in his roster. Thus, it is difiicult to know what kind of team will come on the court when the match starts.

Anyhow, it will be quite an evening on Tuesday. Hopefully some 1000 spectators are appearing in Akaa Areena and the atmosphere will be something we seldom experience in our small town.

Welcome to Akaa Ribnica Kraljevo!

Olli Kunnari gave important hints to Lasse Jäntti in the match against TUTO Volley on Saturday.

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