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Akaa-Volley took the clear 3 – 0 won of Raision Loimu

The Wednesday evening in Akaa Areena was not like it was expected to be. Raision Loimu was weaker than Akaa-Volley in all sectors of the game. Some months ago, in semifinals of the season 2022-23 the teams were really on the same level and the fight was something special in Finnish volleyball. Anyhow, the season is still young and Loimu will certainly improve in the coming months.

Akaa-Volley won with 3 – 1 (25-19,25-21,25-14). The statistics is not so nice if you look them thorough ’black and orange glasses’ (the colours of Loimu team). Teams’ total was for Akaa-Volley’s 52/+22 against Loimu’s 29/-9, aces 7-1, reception 62%/53%, blocks 9-5, and so on. Something strange happened in Loimu team – the evening was certainly not typical for the most experienced volleyball club in Finnish league (47 seasons in the league!).

The best player in the match was Akaa’s Jere Heiskanen with 14/+7. Our opposite Matěj Šmídl made 14/+7 but Heiskanen was more successful in his efforts (73% against Šmídl’s 50%). All the players were on plus side. Maybe one of the clear evidences of the successful evening of Akaa-Volley was, that neither single timeout nor change of players was needed!

Waiting for the next Sunday when Kareilan Hurmos is visiting Akaa!

Jere Heiskanen was not performing well in his attacks only but his reception was excellent (67 %) as well.

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