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Matej Smidl - the star in Akaa-Volley's first home game in the season

Päivitetty: 10. lokak. 2023

Akaa-Volley met Kokkolan Tiikerit in Akaa Areena today (the 9th Oct) evening. The both head coaches were not very satisfied about their teams performance.

- The match did not go as planned. Luckily we got some new energy by Pozo Hernandez in the fourth set. Of course I am satisfied with Matej's play as well, said Akaa-Volley's coach Olli Kunnari after the fight.

- This was like any rollercoaster today. The both teams had downhills and uphills following each others. Very typical in the beginning of the season, analyzed Tiikeri's coach Mikko Keskisipilä.

Akaa-Volley won the game 3 - 1 (22-25,25-19,25-18,25-20). Matej Smidl was the star on the court by 26/+15. But we have to give merit to Pozo Hernandez as well: he game into the match in the middle of the fourth set only and his statistics shows 7/+6.

Next weekend Akaa-Volley is visiting the eastern part of Finland. At Friday it will meet Karelian Hurmos in the town called Joensuu and at Saturday the opposite will be Savo Volley in Siilinjärvi.

Matej Smidl (13) was the most efficient player while Akaa-Volley won Kokkolan Tiikerit by 3-1.

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