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Not a single defeat in Akaa Areena

Akaa-Volley played 13 official matches in Akaa Areena during the past autumn. These matches brought 13 wins! Let us hope the same trend continues in 2024.

On Saturday evening, Akaa-Volley won Karelian Hurmos 3 – 0 (25-20, 25-19, 25-22). The visitors had their own chances especially in the third set by having the lead 16-18. Anyhow, the home team shaped up in the last balls and took the remaining points 9-4. One of the key players in Akaa-Volley team was the middle blocker Petteri Tyynismaa who was taken on the field during the last balls only and made 4/+3.

Once again, Matěj Šmídl made most of the points (25/+17). But Mikko Räsänen had an efficient evening as well by 15/+12.

The coach Olli Kunnari was satisfied for the result 3 – 0 but not for the performance of his team in all sectors.

-          Our reception was very good (71 %). When having this kind of reception one could wait a bit more efficient attack than we had today (48 %). There is still space for improving.

The next challenge for Akaa-Volley is waiting on next Thursday. The team is visiting in the neighboring municipality to play against Lempo-Volley. The winner will meet Savo Volley in the semifinal of the Finnish Volleyball Cup of the season. This match will be played on Friday the 2nd of February.

Akaa-Volley's Chairman Torsti Mahlanen and Head Coach Olli Kunnari waiting for interesting spring season.

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