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AERO Odolena Voda hammered Akaa-Volley's reception

Akaa-Volley is known to be the team with forcefull serves in Finnish Volleyball Championships League. But, on Thursday evening in Akaa Areena its servers were really soft when compared with AERO Odolena Voda's catapults. The statistics of Akaa-Volley shows 19 errors and 5 aces only while the visitors made totally 13 aces with 17 errors. The difference in serving is seen in the successful receiving as well: Akaa-Volley 35% and AERO Odolena Voda 52%.

The teams will meet again on Wednesday next week in Odolena Voda and libero Miro Rasinperä is warning Akaa-Volley not only about the hectic atmosphere in the hall called Sportovni Hala Odolena Voda but about even more strong serves: "Welcome to Odolena Voda. Good serving is the 'trademark' of our team and Akaa-Volley got some foretaste only of it today. We'll put even more efforts in serving in our home arena."

In spite of the weaker reception, Akaa-Volley was more successful in attacks: 46% against 37% by Aero Odolena Voda. Maybe this was the reason Akaa-Volley won this first match in Akaa Areena by 3 - 1 (25-22, 13-25, 25-23, 28-26). Waiting for the coming week ....

Jere Heiskanen was playing well (11/+7) against AERO odolena Voda. Libero Louis Pineau is backing up Jere's attack against three men's block.

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