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Just now, its worth of follow Akaa-Volley very carefully

Päivitetty: 3. maalisk.

All the teams are interested in being number one before the playoffs in the Finnish Volleyball Champions League. Just now, Hurrikaani Loimaa is in that position but we do have a couple of rounds to play.

In the last rounds, Hurrikaani took a clear win of KyKy Betset and Akaa-Volley gave no possibilities to Raision Loimu. Thus, we are expecting a really exiting week ahead of us. If everything goes like in movies, the number one before the playofss will be solved in the 9th of March in Loimaa. On that day, Hurrikaani will host Akaa-Volley and the latter one has still some changes to challenge the former one.

And why to follow Akaa-Volley just now? Akaa has one match to go before the visit in Loimaa. It needs clear 3-0 win over KyKy Betset to have any changes to be in the front of Hurrikaani before the playoffs.

Thus, let us keep in touch!

What on earth! Do they think getting the first place - no way!

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