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The ball is spherical. In Odolena Voda the home team had difficulties in serves.

Last week, we wrote that AERO Odolena Voda hammered our receptionat Akaa Areena. Yesterday was totally opposite in Odolena Voda. The home team missed 29 serves totally and made one straight point only. That was one of the reasons Akaa-Volley won second time 1 - 3. This time the sets were 25-23, 19-25, 19-25, 25-23.

Akaa-Volley succeeded in its own serves - 8 aces and 14 errors - and defence as well. The bolcks ended 11/15 for Akaa-Volley. Otherwise the statistics gives quite equal figures. But, we can see from the statistics that all the players in Akaa-Volley were playing on their best level as well. No one was failing. Naturally, that gives good chances for winning. And once again, we can conclude that serving is such an important part of today's volleyball.

Thus, AERO Odolena Voda is concentrating in the national league from this onwards. Akaa-Volley will continue in quarterfinals and Pamesa TERUEL will be hosting the team in Spain in the second week of January. The date is to be confirmed.

The drummers of AERO Odolena Voda showed how volleyball is very international game. The home team has players from seven countries!

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