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The battle for Finnish champion 2023-24 started

Akaa-Volley started its seventh season in the Finnish Champion League (Mestaruusliiga) by visiting VaLePa which has dominated men's volleyball league in Finland in the last seasons. Our almost totally renewed team showed that it can challenge the champion during the coming months. The favorite team won this first fight 3 - 1 (17-25,25-19,25-22,25-12). But anyhow, the teams will meet still twice before the playoffs in the spring 2024. Anything might happen because the performance in the both sides of the net was something else than secure and perfect. Lot to do in training halls still ...

Next Monday, the 9th October will be an interesting evening for Akaa-Volley team and its famous Fan-Club. We will get visitors from the city of Kokkola in our new Akaa Areena. The name of our opposite is Tiikerit (Tigers in English) and the experience has shown that the team acts like its name. Their defense has been really tight and it has been difficult to hit the ball on their floor. We met this team in the playoffs in the last spring and the fight was extremely spirited although we were able to beat them. Thus, something to follow in Monday evening ...

Our team can be met in our home page in JOUKKUE | Akaa-Volley (

and the in the home page of Mestaruusliiga Akaa-Volley - Mestaruusliiga

And here You can find our team with the most enthusiastic fans:

We'll try to keep You informed about our performance during the season. Please follow this page regularly.

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